The Raquette River flows from New York State’s central Adirondacks 174 miles north to its confluence with the St. Lawrence River at the Mohawk Indian community at Akwesasne. Along the southern reaches of the river are iconic Adirondack communities such as Blue Mountain Lake, Long Lake and Tupper Lake as well as classic canoe routes including the Northern Forest Canoe Trail and the 90 mile Adirondack Canoe Classic, a three-day long distance race. As the river flows north out of the Adirondack highlands, dramatic elevation drops provide water power that turn turbines for the generation of green hydro-electric power; the reservoirs created provide unparalleled outdoor recreational opportunities. In the 19th century, small industrial shops mills of all descriptions were developed along the river that fueled the growth of communities like Colton, Potsdam and Norfolk. This industrial base created the wealth necessary to support institutions of higher learning including the SUNY Potsdam, the oldest college in the SUNY system and Clarkson University.

The Raquette River from its wilderness beginnings to its meandering path to the St. Lawrence River provides a marvelous environment to live, work, study and play. We invite you to experience all that the Raquette River has to offer from the Mountains to the Valley.

The revitalization plan for the Raquette River is outlined in the April 2010 “Racquette River Corridor Blueway Trail Plan” the preparation of which was supported by the NYS Department of State with funds provided by Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund. The plan can be viewed here

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