Long Lake

LONG LAKE ASSOCIATION promotes the continued preservation and protection of the waters of Long Lake. Through a Lake Stewardship Program stewards have been hired to monitor the state boat launch to check boats for invasive species, and educate boat owners about their transport. In 2009 the entire lake was mapped by the steward and volunteers for plant varieties existing in the lake. Also through its Water Monitoring Program water in various parts of the lake is collected and tested for bacteria count each year. Contact: Jackie Mallery (jjmallery@frontiernet.net); Website: http://mylonglake.com/raquette-lake/rl-local-government/long-lake-asscs/

RAQUETTE LAKE PRESERVATION FOUNDATION promotes the cooperation and friendship among the inhabitants of the area and to unite its members in the material understanding of Raquette Lake and its problems; so that the entire membership will go forward in carrying out the preservation and conservation of Raquette Lake and its watershed through education, advocacy and broad based community involvement. Principal threats to Raquette Lake are the introduction of non-native and harmful plants; fast growing and aggressive fish; and VHS, a fatal (for fish) virus.  Information about stopping aquatic invaders is shared through the Raquette Lake Property Owners Association. Website: http://www.rlpf.org/.

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